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February 12 2012


January 03 2012

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"Papa, was ist eigentlich Ironie?" -- "Wenn der Deutsche Journalisten-Verband die Pressefreiheit der Bild-Zeitung verteidigt." #wulff
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If a man speaks his mind in a forest - and no woman hears him - is he still wrong? #tedtalks
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Watch all of the freshly published talks from 28c3

The 28th Annual Chaos Communications Congress just wrapped things up on December 31st and they’ve already published recordings of all the talks at the event. These talks were live-streamed, but if you didn’t find time in your schedule to see all that you wanted, you’ll be happy to find your way to the YouTube collection of the event.

The topics span a surprising range. We were surprised to see a panel discussion on depression and suicide among geeks (hosted by [Mitch Altman]) which joins another panel called Queer Geeks, to address some social issues rather than just hardcore security tech. But there’s plenty of that as well with topics on cryptography, security within web applications, and also a segment on electronic currencies like Bitcoins.

There really is something for everyone and they’ve been thoughtful enough to include playlists for all talks, just the lightning talks, and lightning talks categorized by the day they occurred. Get those links from their YouTube channel description, or find them after the break.

28c3 Playlist Links:

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Was zum Teufel hat eigentlich alle Welt dauernd mit diesen Rating-Agenturen am Laufen? Ich meine, das sind doch die, die mit für die große Immobilienkrise gesorgt haben, weil sie aus Inkompetenz oder bösem Willen irgendwelche Ramschkreditbundles als besonders verrtrauenswürdig eingestuft haben. Und jetzt ist es plötzlich ne Topmeldung in den Nachrichten und Präsidenten fühlen sich genötigt vor Fernsehkameras zu treten, wenn dieselben Dummköpfe oder Finsterlinge (oder beides) sich anmaßen, die Kreditwürdigkeit eines ganzen Landes zu beurteilen und herabzusetzen. Ich kapier das nicht. Entweder ich bin zu doof oder nicht doof genug.
Volker Strübing
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December 30 2011

The USA is already a functional oligarchy. (Or, more accurately, a plutarchy.) It has been functioning as such for some time — since 1992 at the latest, although the roots of this system go back to before the Declaration of Independence — it's a recurrent failure mode. Historically such periods last for a few years then go into reverse. However, this time the trend has been running since 1980 or even earlier. What we're now seeing are the effects of mismanagement by the second generation of oligarchs in power; the self-entitled who were born to it and assume it to be the natural order of things.
Seasonal flame bait - Charlie's Diary
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October 22 2011


Pixar Lamp Halloween costume

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September 13 2011

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August 31 2011


August 21 2011

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June 27 2011

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June 19 2011


June 03 2011

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